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At Berries NW, we believe that gardening is both an art and a science. That’s why we cover a wide range of topics, from soil preparation and composting to garden design and decor. We also provide practical advice on watering techniques, climate and zone information, and a variety of gardening tools, including hand tools, power tools, and irrigation tools.

We understand that every gardener is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of garden types, including flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, fruit and berry gardens, indoor gardens, and sustainable gardens. We also provide tips and advice on garden maintenance, including pruning and trimming, weeding and pest control, fertilizing and soil management, and lawn care and maintenance.

At Berries NW, we’re not just about the practical aspects of gardening. We also believe that gardens can be a source of inspiration and creativity. That’s why we offer articles on garden tours and visits, garden photography and art, garden events and festivals, and garden history and culture.

We’re committed to providing our readers with the best possible information and resources on gardening. That’s why we’re always updating our website with new articles, videos, and tutorials. So whether you’re looking to start a new garden or take your existing garden to the next level, Berries NW is here to help.

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Gardening Basics: Soil Preparation, Composting, Watering Techniques, Garden Planning, Climate and Zone Information
Gardening Tools: Hand Tools, Power Tools, Irrigation Tools, Lawn and Garden Equipment
Garden Types: Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Herb Gardens, Fruit and Berry Gardens, Indoor Gardens, Sustainable Gardens
Garden Maintenance: Pruning and Trimming, Weeding and Pest Control, Fertilizing and Soil Management, Lawn Care and Maintenance
Garden Design: Landscape Design, Garden Structures, Garden Decor and Accessories, Container Gardening
Garden Inspiration: Garden Tours and Visits, Garden Photography and Art, Garden Events and Festivals, Garden History and Culture